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C3P Equipment

Lights & Grip Equipment

Video Lighting

Aperture Nova P300c

Aputure Lightstorm 300x

Aputure LS C 120dii 

Westcott Ice Light 2 Kit

Sola 4 Fresnel Light

Litra Lp 1200

Litrapro Portable Light

Photography Lights

Flashpoint Xplor600 Strobe

Flashpoint Xplor400 Strobe

Flashpoint Xplor300 Strobe

Flashpoint Nikon & Canon Triggers

Grip and Support Equipment

C Stands (various lengths)

2 Impact LSP-LBCH4 Lowboy Rolling stands

Kupo High Jr. Roller 14 foot Stand

​Kupo extension bar

Kupo 200 lb clamp

3 Avenger A5033 Roller Stands

Choice of Light Modifiers, Reflectors, Softboxes

Cine 6K Camera Kit

RED Komodo Production Package

w/ Tilta Matte box & Accessories

Sigma 18-35 1.8

6 Goldmount Batteries

Mirrorless Cameras & Lenses

Nikon Z8

Nikon Z6 ii

2 Nikon Z6 

Nikon Z Lens 24-70 f2.8

Nikon Z Lens 14-30 f4

Nikon Z Lens 70-200 f2.8

Nikon Z Lens 24-70 f4

Nikon Lens 24-120 f4

Nikon Lens 105mm Macro

Nikon Z 40mm

Nikon 50mm 1.8

Nikon Z 2.0 TC

Drone Kit

DJI Mavic 2 Pro 4K Drone Kit

w/ 6 Batteries & Cine Effects Filters

Video Monitors & Recorders

Atmos Ninja V recorder

Atmos X Four Input Switcher 

Shinobi 7 Monitor

Lilliput 17 4K Monitor

Accsoon CineEye 2S Pro Wireless HD Video

Transmitter/Receiver Kit

Gimbals, Tripods, Jib & Support Equipment

JB40 libec 50 Jib JB40 tripod

DJI Ronin RS2 Pro Gimbal 

Tilta Advanced Ring Grip RS2


Manfrotto 504 Tripod

Shark Slider

Genustech Mattebox

Innovative 36inch production cart

Mixers and Microphones

Sound Devices Mix Pre 6 Pro Mixer

Rode Caster Pro Mixer

Podcasting Mics

Sony ECM 77B Wired Lavalier Mic

Rode NTG 3 Shotgun Mic and Boom Kit

Rode Blimp/Rycote Shield Kit

3 Rode Wireless Go Lavalier Mics 

Rode Wireless go ii Lavalier Mic Kit

Video Streaming Equipment

Roland V 1 HD + Switcher

2 Roland UVC 1 adaptor 

Networking Modems and Cables 

2 Apple MacBook Pro Laptops 

Cameras, Lenses & Drone

Production Support

Pro Audio & Video Streaming

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